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With an aesthetic reminiscent at the time of the Gameboy, “Boxboy!” was one of the big surprises of the last Nintendo Direct thanks to its fun mix of platforms, puzzles and some Tetris.Desarrollado by Hal Laboratory (Kirby, Super Smash Bros.) at first sight “Boxboy!” may seem one of those indie games simpletons graphics, but once we started to explore the different levels we realize that there is nothing plain or boring. And this new IP from Nintendo, one of the biggest surprises of the latest Nintendo Direct, offers a level of entertainment and fun fighting face to face with many of the “AAA” who have come to 3DS.

With an aesthetic that recalls the days of the GameBoy (and certainly more of a nostalgic love), “BoyBoy!” is a platform game and puzzles reminiscent of games like “Thomas Was Alone” and Tetris, but do not copy directly. It is inspired them to create a whole new game.

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A game that, despite belonging to two of the genres most titles have occurred in the history, offers a new experience. A new challenge that is best enjoyed in a portable, thanks to the combination of portability and controls (and, why not say, absence Freemium model) that neither Smartphones and consoles can offer. ## Save the world cube Cube boxboy-1 In” Boxboy! ” Qbby play as a cute bucket with legs and eyes that, despite its apparent simplicity, manages to convey its vitality thanks to its fun movements. How could it be otherwise, Qbby is no ordinary cube. It has a power, a power that will help us overcome all obstacles we meet and save the world: You can create boxes, attached to his body, they can create different shapes like pieces of “Tetris” will be discussed. With the help of this power have to go through an equally simple and complex world that our little hero as solve puzzles and puzzles.

Small details that enliven the game And although most involve only a cosmetic change, another element that will help us overcome the various levels are costumes you can buy for Qbby in store. The cheapest, obtained at first, simply change the look of our grid hero, but towards the end we find costumes like the Rabbit, which allows us to jump twice as high, and there is another that increases the number of cubes that we can use. For some this may be cheating, but are of great help if you do not want to go crazy on some levels.

Visually or scenarios or Qbby and their costumes are extremely detailed, nor even for pixel art. Most elements and scenarios are simple geometric shapes and the colors of the color range are counted on the fingers of one hand (white, black and various shades of gray). However, this minimalism allows the smallest details stand out like never before. The way Qbby walk, jump and make cubes; how we interact with the various obstacles and celebratory dance to finish the level can not be described as simple, since manage to convey that the game is alive . Many may have preferred as detailed as Mario or Kirby world, but certainly if that were the case we would not be at a game of 5 €, if not before a 20 € or 30 €.

While the game It may seem simple visually, we only have to look at the more than 150 levels to realize that the game is nothing simple. Hal Laboratory has put all eggs in one basket with level design . For much of the game each world introduces a new gameplay, a mechanism that we mastered in less than 7 levels since as we move forward we need to combine different strategies to overcome a challenge in particular. Sometimes we have to use the stairs buckets as in other’ll have to hang us of certain outgoing and even have to use to avoid enemies and transport us through narrow places.

Despite the difficulty does not increase at the expected rate “Boxboy!” is not an easy game Some challenges reaching its peak in the final levels, where not only have to apply multiple strategies, otherwise we will have to combine perfectly if we reach the end. While it is true that the difficulty is suitable for intended for rapid games, sometimes I felt that the difficulty was not increasing at the expected pace game. Yet it is not at all an easy game

And if you reach the end is not challenging enough, “Boxboy!” Adds another level of difficulty. I do so with a maximum number of cubes. If we do not only we a crown that marks the level as “perfect,” but it also get extra coins to buy costumes, tactics, music and extra challenges in store. And just to complete the game unlocks a little surprise, do it perfectly reveals another even better.

For times when we were stuck on a level, something that has happened to me more times I’d like to admit, “Boxboy” has a system tracks to cast us a hand in the most difficult moments. Tracks do not reveal to us how to overcome all obstacles, otherwise we advance that has to be our next step. As you would expect the use of tracks is limited, so we do not have the temptation to use them at all times. In some games turn to time to set a limit, but personally I liked it better the system of “Boxboy!”: Using coins we got to walk with our 3DS at rest. Thus, if we get stuck we have to take the console pocket and take a little walk.

 boxboy-2 Perhaps the weakest of all in” Boxboy! “is the story , which is too far in the background (even for a platformer) and does not end at the beginning to explain why we have to go through all these levels. Not that I wait a frame at the “The Last Of Us” or “Life Is Strange”, but if you explain to start game on why we are traveling the world while creating boxes, like the beginning of Super Mario explains to us that we cover all these levels. It is not going to change a lot of gameplay, but it’s a small detail that makes the experience that much more round

Once you enter the field and begin to know what our unique cross.: something is trying to destroy our planet and we who have to stop it. At first we go alone, but as they pass the levels we will find new characters that will accompany us on our adventure. Having played “Thomas was alone” one hopes to play with these characters, and each has different characteristics, but evolution and variety when playing comes on the heels of the different costumes that can buy to Qbby.

Finally, unwittingly releasing any spolier, I must confess that I was disappointed that the change occurs we save the world gets bogged down in a “simple” kinematics and does not apply to menus, worlds and levels of juego.7.5Pese to have been developed by one of the most important studies of Nintendo, Hal Laboratory, “! Boxboy” features the best of indie industry: offering a very affordable price a game dazzles the fun of playing. Graphics may be even simpler than the “Thomas was alone”, but its design coupled with the fact that you’re using a portable Nintendo take us at times to the time of the GameBoy. Maybe some are “tired” of this type of surgery, but we have to keep in mind that if we take the pampering and care that has gone into creating over 150 levels and we add a more typical aspect of Super Mario or Kirby would still having the same fun, but the price would of 5 € to 20 € or 30 €.

With nothing ambitious proposal “Boxboy!” gets what is proposed and except for some details such as history and perhaps a multiplayer mode where we are forced to cooperate with our friends to overcome obstacles we are facing one of the most entertaining and fun games I’ve played on 3DS. A must for any lover of platforms and puzzles that have this consola.- Over 150 levels, or what is the same almost 10 hours of fun without having to go to repeat any level. – Animations and different costumes give life to a simple character like Qbby. – The level design and the learning curve are at the level of the best platformers and puzzles.- The game could do a better job explaining why we go through all these levels at the beginning of the game. – Is missing a multiplayer mode where we have to work with our friends to reach the end. – The difficulty of worlds should increase before


Boxboy analysis! for 3DS
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April 21, 2015

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